The Faculty of Science is committed to continuously reviewing our programs, plans and courses, so you’ll be equipped with the skills and expertise to succeed in your career.

You can find information about any changes to your program by clicking the program-specific links below. For many students there is no change to your current study plan. For some students, there may be a choice to retain your existing study plan or move to the revised 2021 program structure.

Programs with significant changes:

Programs with minimal changes:

Programs with changes to external offering from 2022:

Programs with no changes:

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours)

Programs no longer offered:

Bachelor of Science (Gatton):

The Bachelor of Science (Gatton) [2330] program is not accepting new enrolments. A teach-out plan has been developed to ensure all students enrolled in the program can complete the program requirements and graduate.

Students enrolled in the program prior to 2021, please refer to the Bachelor of Science (Gatton) information page.

Bachelor of Equine Science discontinuation 

Refer to the Bachelor of Equine Science discontinuation page for further information. 

Programs with changes to external offering from 2023:

  • Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Animal Science
  • Masters in Agricultural Science
  • Masters in Animal Science
For further information on changes to the above programs, please refer to the 'Changes to SAFS PG programs' page. 

Programs no longer offered:

The Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Mineral Resources programs are not accepting new enrolments. This does not affect students currently enrolled in the programs.

The Master of Veterinary Science will no longer be offered from Semester 2, 2022. This does not affect students currently enrolled in the program.