Commenced Program in 2021

1. Continue with your current Program

For students who commenced the BAdvSc(Hons) in 2021, if you’re happy with your current program, no action is required. You can continue your study, following the program requirements from the year you commenced.

We recommend that you review the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) 2021 study planner.

2. Follow the 2022 revised Program 

The information available on this page is for exploring the option of studying the program under the 2022 revised structure and requirements.

Before making a decision, please read the 'Key Changes' to understand what has changed for the program and carefully consider the options to select the one that best suits you.

Commenced Program in 2022

If you commenced the BAdvSc(Hons) in 2022 you are required to follow the revised 2022 requirements. Refer to the 'Key Changes' to understand what has changed for the program.

Change to Structure

From Semester 1, 2022 the structure of the plans has changed. The 32 unit specialisations are no longer available. Students must instead complete one 16 unit major and one 16 unit honours field of study and may complete a second major and/or minor(s). 

Although specialisations are no longer available, there is a corresponding major available to study under the revised 2022 program structure. There are 38 honours fields of study available - please note, as with the old program structure Psychology is not available as an honours field of study. 

There are no changes to:

  • Course offerings
  • Program duration
  • Honours calculation
  • Advanced course requirements


Updating Your Details

For all 2022 students (and 2021 commencing students opting to follow the 2022 revised program, where specalisiations have been removed), you will need to update your plan in SI-net to:

  • remove the specalisation (if already declared), and
  • declare at least one major, and
  • declare one honours field of study (which must be declared prior to the commencement of your honours courses)

Honours Field of Study

For further information on your preferred honours field of study, including how to source a supervisor and project, please contact the relevant School. 

Requesting assistance

The Faculty of Science Student Enquiries office are available to help you with any questions you may have and can assist with booking an academic advising appointment.