Key Changes

From Semester 1 2021, the revised Bachelor of Biotechnology (BBiotech) component of the dual program, will be offered as a 3-year program, instead of a 4-year with Honours embedded (included) program. Due to the significant change to the structure of the program, there is now a new program code:

Program Type Program Code

Current program with Honours embedded (included) in BBiotech component

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)


Revised program with 3-year BBiotech component

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Biotechnology


Please refer to the revised program for details of what is available to study in the program from Semester 1 2021.

The table below provides a summary of the changes to the Bachelor of Biotechnology (BBiotech) component.

Year of Commencement 

Component Requirements
Prior to 2021 

BBiotech(Hons) Component 

  • 36 units from BBiotech(Hons)
    • 20 units from Part A for the bioprocess technology major
    • 16 units from Part B or Part C
From 2021

BBiotech Component

  • 24 units, comprising a BBiotech extended major
    • Agricultural Biotechnology
    • Chemical and Nano Biotechnology
    • Medical Biotechnology 
    • Molecular and Microbial Biotechnology
    • Synthetic Biology and Industrial Biotechnology

Next Steps

Changing Programs

You may choose to continue with your current study plan or transfer to the revised program. 

There have been a number of legislative changes to fees that will come into effect from 1 January 2021 that affect all program changes made via QTAC and mySI-net. This includes changing from a dual program to a single program when the single program forms part of the dual. You can find more information on my.UQ.

Please ensure that you understand the changes, consider your individual circumstances and seek individual advice as required before making a decision to change.

If you decide to change to the revised dual program, you will need to submit a Program Change Request through mySi-net by 12 February 2021 (program change requests opened on 4 December 2020).

Requesting assistance 

For further information, please contact the relevant Faculty for advice:

Program Component

Faculty Contact Information

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Visit the Program Structure Changes in 2021 website

Bachelor of Biotechnology

Faculty of Science