Your Options

1. Continue with your current Program

We recommend that you continue your current study plan, as this will ensure that you remain on track to graduate on time.

No action is required from you and you can continue your study, following the program rules and course list from the year you commenced.

We recommend that you check the pre-2021 Bachelor of Biomedical Science study planner  which has been updated with any changes to courses offered in your program.

2. Choose to follow the revised Program Requirements

You may choose to complete the program under the revised program requirements

Before making a decision, please read the 'Key Changes' to understand what has changed for the program and carefully consider the options, to select the one that best suits you.

Key Changes

From Semester 1 2021, some of the elective courses available for the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (BBiomedSc) have changed.

Changes to elective courses

  Pre-2021 2021 onwards
BIOL2006 Biostatistics & Experimental Design

not on course list

added to Level 2 program electives
BIOL3004 Genomics & Bioinformatics Part A, Level 3 elective

course being discontinued from 2021

(replaced with BIOL3303)

BIOL3303 Genomics

not on course list - new course from 2021

added to Level 3 program electives

(replacing discontinued course BIOL3004)

SCIE3011 Perspectives in Science Research Part A, Level 3 elective course being discontinued from 2021
Number of SCIE research courses Part A, Level 3 electives course include up to 4 units from SCIE research courses Level 3 program elective can include up to 2 units from SCIE research courses



What you need to do

You can continue with and complete your study under your current program requirements or choose to follow the revised program requirements.

No action is required by you to complete the revised program requirements. 

Requesting assistance

The Faculty of Science Student Enquiries office are available to help you with any questions you may have and can assist with booking an academic advising appointment.