Your options

1. Continue with your current Program

For students enrolled in the BAdvSc(Hons) prior to 2021 in program code 2341, if you’re happy with your current program, no action is required. You can continue your study, following the program rules and course list from the year you commenced.

We recommend that you review the pre-2021 Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) study planner, as this has been updated with any changes to courses offered in the program.

2. Transfer to the revised Program 

The information available on this page is for exploring the option of studying the program under the 2021 revised structure and requirements.

For information about the 2022 revised structure and requirements please refer to the 'BAdvSc(Hons) 2022 changes' page. 

Before making a decision, please read the 'Key Changes', 'Transition Details' and 'Next Steps' to understand what has changed for the program and carefully consider the options to select the one that best suits you.

Key Changes

From Semester 1 2021, due to the significant change to the structure of the program, the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) (BAdvSc(Hons)) has a new program code:

Year of Commencement 

Program Code

Prior to 2021


From 2021 onwards


The revised Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) [2516] has the following changes:

  • Plans (specialisations, majors and minors) available in the program have changed
  • Specialisations and Majors now include a compulsory Level 1 course
  • Advanced courses introduced and must be completed - minimum 4 units of Level 2 advanced courses and minimum 2 units Level 3 advanced courses 
  • All Bachelor of Science Minors are available to study as part of the program elective courses
  • UQ Minors introduced and are available to study as part of the general elective courses

Review the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) [2516] to see what plans (specialisations, majors and minors) will now be available to study from 2021 onwards.

Deciding which Program is right for you

When deciding whether you will continue with your current program or transition to the revised program, you should take into consideration:

  • the number of units you've completed in the pre-2021 program
  • any changes to your current plan
  • if you want to study a plan that is only offered in the revised program structure
  • if changing to the revised program structure would affect your remaining program duration
  • any change to your program fees

Changes to Requirements

Late-year & Advanced Course Requirement

Students studying the revised structure are now required to complete a minimum amount of advanced courses. There has also been a change to the amount of late year (level 3 or higher) course requirement.


From 2021

Minimum of 28 units of level 3 or higher courses.

  • Minimum of 26 units of level 3 or higher courses; and
  • Minimum of 4 units of advanced courses at level 2; and
  • Minimum of 2 units of advanced courses at level 3.

Studying Multiple Plans

Students will have greater flexibility to study and complete more than one plan (e.g. specialisations, majors and minors). Student are not able to undertake more than one plan in the same discipline.

From Semester 1 2021, any course listed more than once, must be substituted in one plan by a course at the same level or higher from the course list for that plan, or from the BAdvSc(Hons) course list.

  1. Each specialisation must include 24 units of courses at level 3 or higher, taken from that specialisation’s course list and counted towards no other plan.
  2. Each major must include 8 units of courses at level 3 or higher, taken from that major’s course list and counted towards no other plan.
  3. Each minor and UQ minor must include 4 units of courses at level 2 or higher, taken from that minor’s course list and counted towards no other plan.

Changes to Structure

From 2021 the structure of the plans has changed. The 36 unit majors have been replaced with 32 unit specialisations, which all students must complete. Students can also choose to complete 16 unit majors.

If you would like to transfer to the revised program, you will need to consider any changes to the courses and requirements of your current plan(s). Please note that all specialisations and majors available in the revised program, now have a compulsory Level 1 course that ALL students (including students who transfer from the pre-2021 program) must complete in order to complete and graduate with that plan.

Changes to Plans

Visit the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) [2516] to see what plans (specialisations, majors and minors) will be available to study in the revised program from 2021 onwards. These plans are only available to students in the revised program.

If you are currently studying a plan/stream that does not appear in the revised program, you have the following options:

  • continue in the pre-2021 program and complete the plan(s); or
  • change to the revised 2021 program and complete an alternative plan combination (e.g. specialisation, major, minor). 

Plans being renamed

The following plans have been renamed and are only available to students in the revised program:

BAdvSc(Hons) 2341 Plan Name

BAdvSc(Hons) 2516 Revised Plan Name

Biochemistry and Molecular Bioscience (minor)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Ecology and Conservation Biology

Food Science and Technology

Food Technology

Geological Sciences

Earth Science

Geographical Sciences

Geographical Information Science

Marine Science

Coastal and Ocean Science


Plans no longer offered

There are a small number of minors that are no longer available to study in the revised program.


Alternative options available in the revised program

Animal & Veterinary Biosciences

You may be interested in the Entomology and Zoology plans.

Food Science and Technology

Food Technology or Food Science and Nutrition plans.

Public Health

Public Health specialisation or Public Health major. 

Next Steps

Changing Program

There have been a number of legislative changes to fees that will come into effect from 1 January 2021 that affect all program changes made via QTAC and mySI-net. You can find more information on my.UQ.

Please ensure that you understand the changes, consider your individual circumstances and seek individual advice as required before making a decision to change.

If you decide to change to the revised Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) [2516], you will need to submit a Program Change Request through mySi-net:

  • by 12 February 2021 (program change requests opened on 4 December 2020), for Semester 1, 2021
  • by 16 July 2021 (program change requests provisionally open on 30 June 2021), for Semester 2, 2021

Requesting assistance

The Faculty of Science Student Enquiries office are available to help you with any questions you may have and can assist with booking an academic advising appointment.