Program requirements

The program requirements (course list and program rules (PDF, 146KB)) set out the courses and rules you must follow to successfully complete this program.

You must also comply with UQ’s University Policies and Procedures.

Single majors

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    From 2021, as part of the revised BSc program, minors are available to study for all BSc students. 

    Students may complete one or more minors. Courses taken in the minors may be counted towards the minimum of 32 units of science courses required for the program.

    Students cannot undertake a minor in the same discipline area as their major or extended major.

    Please also refer to the revised 2021 BSc program rules (PDF, 146KB) regarding completing courses towards more than 1 plan (major, extended major, minor) and substituting courses. 

    Example combinations:

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    UQ Minors

    Students may complete one or more UQ minors. Courses taken in the UQ minors count towards the 16 units of general elective courses available in the program.

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    Dual programs

    For the BSc component of dual programs, students are able to complete one of the following combinations: 

    • Single major 
    • Extended major 
    • Single major + minor

    Please refer to the 'Programs and Courses' page for the dual program to view the dual program rules, course list and study planner. 

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    Pre-medicine study planner

    A pre-medicine study planner (PDF, 102.8 KB) has been developed for students in this program to prepare for subsequent study in the Doctor of Medicine program.