A dual program allows you to complete two degrees in a shorter time than it would take to complete each program separately. In a dual program you will generally enrol in courses from both components of the program each semester. For example, students enrolling in the Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Arts dual program will generally complete two science courses and two arts courses each semester.

Dual Program structure

In the BSc component of the dual program, students must complete a total of #32 from Part A and B of the BSc list including:

  • at least #6 from Part A (Level 1 courses); and
  • at least #14 from Part B (including #12 of courses at Level 3 or higher).

Students must complete either one major or an extended major.

For the non-BSc component, the number of units required varies and you should check with the Faculty that runs your other program to confirm all requirements.

List of Dual Programs with the Bachelor of Science
Dual Program Name Units for BSc
Units for non-BSc
Bachelors of Business Management/Science #32 #36
Bachelors of Commerce/Science #32 #36
Bachelors of Economics/Science #32 #36
Bachelors of Science/Arts #32 #32
Bachelors of Science/Education (Secondary) #32 #32
Bachelors of Information Technology/Science #32 #32
Bachelors of Science/Journalism #32 #32
Bachelors of Engineering (Honours)/Science #63 #18
Bachelors of Science/Laws (Honours) #32 #56
Bachelors of Mathematics/Science #32 #32
Bachelors of Music (Honours)/Science #32 #56
Bachelors of Biomedical Science/Science #32 #32




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