This study planner is only applicable for students enrolled in program code 2516 and following the program requirements for 2021. 

The Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) program and course requirements set out the courses and rules you must follow to successfully complete this program.

You must also comply with UQ’s University Policies and Procedures.

Students must complete a specialisation in the program that includes the honours courses undertaken in Year 4. If you are not sure what discipline you want to complete your honours in yet, you can enrol in one or more majors in the program now, and articulate to a specialisation later in the program.

If you are interested in an honours year in a discipline that is not aligned with your specialisation, please contact the Science Student and Academic Administration Team for advice.

Students must complete a minimum of 4 units of advanced courses at Level 2, and 2 units of advanced courses at Level 3. Where available, these courses can be taken as part of a major or specialisation. If the major or specialisation undertaken does not include advanced courses, these must be completed as part of the program or general elective courses from a course on the BAdvSc(Hons) course list. 


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Students may complete one or more minors in the BSc course list. Courses taken in the minors may be counted towards the minimum of 48 units of science courses required for the program.

Students cannot undertake a minor in the same discipline area as a major or specialisation.

Please refer to the revised 2021 BAdvSc(Hons) program rules (PDF, 146KB) regarding rules about completing courses towards more than one plan (major, extended major, minor) and substituting courses. 

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UQ Minors

Students may complete one or more UQ minors in the BSc course list. Courses taken in the UQ minors count towards the 16 units of general elective courses available in the program.

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Cross-Listed Courses

Where the program is undertaken with more than one plan, any course listed more than once must be subsititued in one plan by a course at the same level or higher from the course list for that plan, or from the BAdvSc(Hons) or BSc course list (excluding courses in the UQ minors list). If a course is compulsory in both plans, you may select which plan it will count towards.

Regardless of any possible cross-listing between plans, to meet the program requirements for the BAdvSc(Hons) program, each:

  • major must include 8 units of courses level 3 or higher,
  • extended major must contain 12 units of courses at level 3 or higher, and
  • minor must contain 4 units of courses at level 2 or higher

taken from, and counting only towards, that plan’s course list.

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Understanding the Bachelor of Advanced Science program (YouTube, 4m:53s)

Cross-listed courses in science programs guide (YouTube, 4m:05s)

Pre-medicine study planner

A pre-medicine study planner (PDF, 102.8 KB) has been developed for students in this program to prepare for subsequent study in the Doctor of Medicine program.

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