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Computer science is the science of problem solving, computation and information. Computer scientists work to advance our fundamental understanding of computing, develop new and improved problem solving techniques and design more efficient and powerful computing devices and technology. In the Computer Science major, students study a similar core set of computing courses to Software Engineering and Information Technology students, however the Bachelor of Science offers considerably more flexibility, providing the possibility of combining computer science with courses from other areas of science and more free electives.

First year students will study foundational courses in programming/software engineering, information systems and discrete mathematics. The second and third year of the program provide more specialised courses in areas such as computer systems, human-computer interaction, algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence, computer networks and information security. These courses provide opportunities to work on both major individual and team projects and exposure to real-world problems from industry and other areas of science. 

Computer Science is also available as an extended major.   

Year 1 Study Planner

What do the different requirements mean?

  • Compulsory for program – all students must complete this course
  • Prerequisite for major – course required for this major
  • Recommended – other science course which complements the major, but can be substituted for an elective
  • Elective – choose a Level 1 course that interests you

Course List

View the course list for the Computer Science Major

Semester 1
Course Code & Title Requirements
CSSE1001 Introduction to Software Engineering 1 Prerequisite for major
INFS1200  Introduction to Information Systems Prerequisite for major
MATH1061 Discrete Mathematics Prerequisite for major
SCIE1000 Theory & Practice in Science Recommended


Semester 2
Course Code & Title Requirements
STAT1201 Analysis of Scientific Data Compulsory for program
MATH1051 Calculus & Linear Algebra I Recommended
Elective Elective
Elective Elective

1. Students without Queensland Senior Maths C should complete MATH1050 before MATH1051.

Year 2 to 3 Study Planner

The following are suggested study plans for this major and should be used as a guide to planning your program. Please refer to the course list to ensure you complete the major requirements.

What do the different columns mean?

  • Sem – Semester
  • Compulsory courses – compulsory for the major.
  • Key courses – electives from the major's course list.
  • Recommended courses – complements the major.


Year 2
Sem Compulsory Courses
Complete all courses
Key Courses
Choose at least #4 from:
Recommended Cours
1 CSSE2002 ​Programming in the Large 1 ​

CSSE2010 Introduction to Computer Systems

DECO2500 Human-Computer Interaction

INFS2200 Relational Database Systems

SCIE2100 Introduction to Bioinformatics

Choose courses from the BSc course list
2 CSSE2310 Computer Systems Principles & Programming COSC2500 Numerical Methods in Computational Science

DECO2800 Design Computing Studio 2 - Testing & Evaluation

MATH2302 Discrete Mathematics II

Choose courses from the BSc course list
Year 3
Sem Compulsory Courses
Complete all courses
Key Courses
Choose at least #6 from:
Recommended Courses

COMS3200 Computer Networks 1

COSC3000 Visualisation, Computer Graphics & Data Analysis

CSSE3002 The Software Process

CSSE3100 Reasoning about Programs

DECO3800 Deisgn Computer Studio 3 - Proposal

INFS3202 Web Information Systems

Choose courses from the BSc course list
2 COMP3506 Algorithms & Data Structures

DECO3801 Design Computing Studio 3 - Build
COMS3000 Information Security

COMP3301 Operating System Architecture

COMP3702 Artificial Intelligence

COSC3500 High-Performance Computer

DECO3500 Social & Mobile Computing

INFS3200 Advanced Database System

INFS3204 Service-Oriented Architectures

Choose courses from the BSc course list

1. This course is available in semester 1 and 2.



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