Designed specifically for graduates, the Diploma in Science allows you to study a new undergraduate discipline, gain academic qualifications, develop your career, or take a mix of courses to suit your interests. Whether you have studied Arts, Engineering, Pharmacy, Philosophy or even Science, this Diploma will allow you to access a number of interesting and challenging science disciplines.

Due to the sequential nature of some courses which require prerequisite knowledge, students may need to complete the Diploma part-time, over three or four semesters. Please refer to the course profiles for each course that you intend to enrol in to check for any required prerequisites, before finalising your study plan. For example, BIOM2020 has a prerequisite of BIOL1040, and two recommended prerequisites of BIOL1020 and STAT1201.

Program requirements

The program requirements (course list and program rules (PDF, 166KB)) set out the courses and rules you must follow to successfully complete this program.

You must also comply with UQ’s University Policies and Procedures.

The Diploma in Science can assist students to gain a breadth of knowledge to support their admission to, or progression through graduate entry programs, such as:

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Master of Occupational Therapy Studies
  • Master of Physiotherapy Studies
  • Master of Speech Pathology Studies
  • Master of Dietetic Studies

Study plans to help you plan your enrolment to meet this goal are currently under review, due to changes to the program

To ensure you are following the correct study plan, please refer back to this page before the due date to enrol. Check the Academic Calendar to find out when the due date to enrol for you is and other important dates.