Please note admission into this program has been suspended. There are no new enrolments from 01/07/2021 to 30/06/2022. 

Program requirements

The program requirements (course list and program rules (PDF, 29KB)) set out the courses and rules you must follow to successfully complete this program.

You must also comply with UQ’s University Policies and Procedures.

Semester 2 Commencement (July intake)

1st semester (July - November)

Course Code & TitleRequirements
VETS6001 Epidemiological and Research Methods for Animal and Veterinary BiosciencesPart A
VETS7608 Advanced Veterinary Topic I (recommended elective)Part C
VETS7704 Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Techniques (4 units) (recommended elective)Part B
2nd semester (February - June)
Course Code & TitleRequirements
VETS7618 Graduate Research Project IIIPart A
VETS7609 Advanced Veterinary Topic II (recommended elective)Part C
VETS7709 Diagnostic Pathology (recommended elective)Part B

3rd semester (July - November)

Course Code & TitleRequirements

VETS7618 Graduate Research Project III

Part A
Choose 2 units from: (recommended electives)

BIOC6006 Directed Studies in Molecular Genetics
BIOC6017 Introduction to the Molecular Biology Laboratory ]

Part B
VETS7605 Advanced Veterinary Topic III (recommended elective)Part C