Bachelor of

These courses are in Part A of the Bachelor of Science course list. Students in dual programs (i.e. Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts) must select electives from these courses. Students in the single BSc have the option of selecting electives from any other UQ program. You are able to search for more electives on the Programs and Courses website.

For more information about which electives are recommended for each major please see the Bachelor of Science First Year Course Map.

Semester 1 Electives
Course Code & Name
AGRC1040 Food for a Healthy Planet
ARCA1000 Discovering Archaeology
BIOL1020 Genes, Cells & Evolution
BIOL1030 Global Challenges in Biology
CHEM1100 Chemistry 11
FOOD1001 Principles of Food Preservation
PHYS1001 Mechanics & Thermal Physics I
PUBH1102 Introduction to Public Health

1. Students without Queensland Senior Chemistry should complete CHEM1090 before taking any other chemistry course.


Semester 1 or 2 Electives
Course Code & Name
CSSE1001 Introduction to Software Engineering I
ERTH1000 Planet Earth: The Big Picture
GEOS1100 Environment & Society
INFS1200 Introduction to Information Systems
MATH1050 Mathematical Foundations2

MATH1051 Calculus & Linear Algebra I 3  or

MATH1071 Advanced Calculus & Linear Algebra I (Semester 1 only)

MATH1061 Discrete Mathematics
PHYS1002 Electromagnetism and Modern Physics
PHYS1171 Physical Basis of Biological Systems
NEUR1020 Introduction to Psychology: Physiological & Cognitive Psychology
PSYC1030 Introduction to Psychology: Developmental, Social, & Clinical Psychology
PSYC1040 Psychological Research Methodology I

2. MATH1050 is not available for students with a High Achievement or higher in Senior Maths C. MATH1050 is not available to students who have passed MATH1051/1071 and/or MATH1052/1072.
3. Students without Queensland Senior Maths C should complete MATH1050 before MATH1051


Semester 2 Elective
Course Code & Name
ARCS1001 Doing Archaeology
BIOL1040 Cells to Organisms
CHEM1200 Chemistry 21
CHEM1221 General, Organic & Biological Chemistry
ENGG1600 Introduction to Research Practices - The Big Issues
GEOM1000 Fundamentals of Geographical Information and Technologies
INDH1005 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health

MATH1052 Multivariate Calculus & Ordinary Differential Equations or

MATH1072 Advanced Multivariate Calculus & Ordinary Differential Equations

PUBH1103 Health Systems & Policy
VETS1030 One Health: Animals, the Environment and Human Disease

1. Students without Queensland Senior Chemistry should complete CHEM1090 before taking any other chemistry course.