Postgraduate coursework in Animal Science

The postgraduate coursework programs in Animal Science covers the integrative disciplines within the animal, plant, soil, food and social sciences continuum.

Students are able to select from one of three specialised fields of study to gain comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge:

  • Equine Science
  • Production Animal Science
  • Wildlife Biology.

Graduates learn to apply leadership, research and problem solving skills to meet the global challenges associated with feeding the world, and maintaining our environment in situations of increasing community expectations of animal welfare, biosecurity concerns, and competition for limited resources. They will be able to explain and demonstrate advanced theoretical and technical knowledge in one or more disciplines or area of practice in the broad fields of animal and wildlife sciences as well as analyse critically, evaluate and transform information within the discipline or field, analyse, generate and transmit solutions to complex problems and be able to communicate with professional and non-professionals audiences.

It is an ideal program for graduates and professionals seeking to expand their career prospects into a wide range of government, commercial, community based or research roles in the broad field of agriculture and environment.



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