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What will I study

To establish core understanding of this field, you will examine the foundational disciplines of public health including: epidemiology, biostatistics, health systems, environmental health and social sciences.

Courses include:

  • Major Diseases and their Control – a snapshot of the major non-communicable - diseases affecting the human population.
  • Environmental Health – biological, chemical and physical hazards, and how to assess and control the risks they pose.
  • Global Health and Infectious Disease – a broad introduction to major global health problems with an emphasis on infectious disease in resource poor countries.
  • Understanding Health Behaviours – an overview of behavioural risk factors for major chronic diseases at a population level.
  • Health Services Planning and Evaluation – how do we assess health need and develop health services that will address those needs
  • Nutrition in the Lifespan – nutritional and dietary requirements of humans for different periods of their lifespan and for specific physiological states.
  • Health Systems and Policy – provides a critical examination of the major health challenges facing our health system and the policy responses aiming to address those challenges.
  • Legal and Ethical Principles in Health – contemporary issues and approaches in law & ethics for health professionals.
  • Influencing Health Behaviours – an overview of an evidence-based approach to the development, implementation and evaluation of health behaviour interventions.

Year 1 Study Planner

What do the different requirements mean?

  • Compulsory for program – all students must complete this course
  • Prerequisite for major – course required for this major
  • Recommended – other science course which complements the major, but can be substituted for an elective
  • Elective - choose a Level 1 course that interests you


Year 1-Semester 1
Course Code & Title Requirements
PUBH1103 Health Systems & Policy Prerequisite for major
SCIE1000 Theory & Practice in Science Recommended
Select a course from the elective course Elective
Select a course from the elective course Elective


 Year 1-Semester 2
Course Code & Title Requirements
PUBH1102 Introduction to Public Health Prerequisite for major
STAT1201 Analysis of Scientific Data Compulsory for program
Select a course from the elective course Elective
Select a course from the elective course Elective

Year 2 to 3 Study Planner

Public Health is available as a Single Major. You are required to complete #14 (#6 at Level 2 and #8 at Level 3) from the Public Health course list. The following are suggested study plans for this major and should be used as a guide to planning your program. Please refer to the course list to ensure you complete the major requirements.

What do the different columns mean?

  • Sem - Semester
  • Compulsory courses – compulsory for the major.
  • Key courses – electives from the major's course list.
  • Recommended courses – complements the major.
Year 2
Sem Compulsory Courses
Complete all courses
Key Courses Recommended Courses

PUBH2008 Major Diseases & their Control


Choose courses from the BSc course list


NUTR2003 Nutrition in the Lifespan

PUBH2004 Understanding Health Behaviours


Choose courses from the BSc course list

Year 3
Sem Compulsory Courses
Complete all courses
Key Courses
Choose at least #8 from:
Recommended Courses


HLTH3000 Legal & Ethical Principles in Health

PUBH3002 Health Policy in Practice

PUBH3005 Influencing Health Behaviours

PUBH3009 Environmental Health


2 -

PUBH3001 Health Services Planning and Evaluation

PUBH3010 Global Health & Infectious Disease

HLTH3007 Research Project





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