Bachelor of

This course map has been designed to assist you in selecting first-year courses towards your major in the Bachelor of Science.

If you are unsure or undecided about your major you can use this map to help you select courses that will keep a number of major options open for you upon completion of your first year. It shows all of the majors on offer, and the first-year courses they require you to complete, in one easy view.

Example 1:

Ecology, Zoology and Plant Science majors all have very similar prerequisite courses and recommended electives. By choosing SCIE1000, BIOL1020 & BIOL1030 in Semester 1, and STAT1201 & BIOL1040 in Semester 2, you will keep all these major options open.

With a few spare spaces still in your timetable you could add CHEM1100 into Semester 1. You'll see that you now have the option to pursue a major in Biomedical Science, Microbiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology or Genetics at the end of your first year too.

You might be more interested in the Maths/Physics side of Science. By selecting SCIE1000, MATH1051, MATH1061 & PHYS1001 in Semester 1, and STAT1201, MATH1052, & PHYS1002 in Semester 2 you'll keep your options open for a major in Mathematics, Statistics or Physics.

How to read the map:

  • Majors are listed across the top of the map and are grouped in similar areas.
  • All first-year Bachelor of Science courses are listed down the left-hand side of the map, grouped by the semester they are offered: Semester 1 only, Semester 1 OR 2, Semester 2 only.
  • Legend:
    • AQUA = SCIE1000 AND STAT1201 OR STAT1301 (Compulsory courses for all first-year BSc students).
    • PURPLE = Prerequisite courses that are necessary for progression in the major.
    • YELLOW = Courses that are recommended electives for the major.
    • WHITE = General Bachelor of Science Elective courses.

View the First Year Bachelor of Science Course Map: ST LUCIA (PDF, 552KB)

View the First Year Bachelor of Science Course Map: GATTON (PDF, 15KB)