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Program Rules Course List

What do the different requirements mean?

  • Required for Major – a course required for this major
  • Elective – an elective course from the course list, or as permitted by the program rules
Year 1
Semester Required for Major Elective
1 BIOL1020 Genes, Cells & Evolution
CHEM1100 Chemistry 12
CSSE1001 Software Engineering I
[ MATH1051 Calculus & Linear Algebra I1,2
OR MATH1071 Advanced Calculus & Linear Algebra I2 ]

BIOL1030 Biodiversity & Our Environment
MATH1050 Mathematical Foundation1
MATH1052 Multivariate Calculus & ODEs
SCIE1000 Theory & Practice in Science
2 CHEM1200 Chemistry 23
STAT1201 Analysis of Scientific Data
BIOL1040 Cells to Organisms
MATH1052 Multivariate Calculus & ODEs
MATH1061 Discrete Mathematics

1. Available in semester 1 and 2. Students without at least a Sound Achievement in Seniors Maths C are required to take MATH1050 as an elective before MATH1051
2. Students with a high achievement in Seniors Maths C (or a 6 or 7 in MATH1050) are encouraged to take MATH1071 and MATH1072. Students with a sound achievement in Senior Maths C (or a 4 or 5 in MATH1050) should take MATH1051 and MATH1052
3. Students without Queensland Senior Chemistry should complete CHEM1090 before taking any other chemistry course.

Year 2
Semester Required for Major Elective
1 BIOC2000 Biochem & Molecular Biology
SCIE2100 Introduction to Bioinfomatics
BIOL2006 Biostatistics
BIOL2200 Cell Structure & Function
STAT2003 Probability & Statistics
2 BIOL2202 Genetics
BIOT2002 Issues in Biotechnology
CSSE2002 Programming in the Large
MICR2000 Microbiology & Immunology
Year 3
Semester Required for Major Elective
1 BIOL3004 Genomics & Bioinformatics
BIOT3009 Quality Management Systems in Biotechnology: GMP, GLP, GCP
COSC3000 Visualization, Computer Graphics & Data Analysis
BIOC3000 Biomolecular Structure & Funct Choose a level 3 SCIE Project3
CHEE4034 Cell & Tissue Engineering
MATH3104 Mathematical Biology
2 BIOL3014 Advanced Bioinformatics
BIOT3004 Commercialisation of Biotechno

Choose at least 2 units from:

[ COMP3506 Algorithms & Data Structures
COMP3702 Artificial Intelligence
BIOC3005 Molecular Systems Biology ]

BIOC3005 Molecular Systems Biology
CHEE4305 Biomaterials: Materials in Medicine
COMP3506 Algorithms & Data Structures
COMP3702 Artificial Intelligence
Choose a level 3 SCIE Research Project3

3. Choose a project from: SCIE3011, SCIE3220, SCIE3221, SCIE3240, SCIE3241, SCIE3260, or SCIE3261. Please note some courses may also have a summer semester offering.

Year 4

Students with an interest in research and/or completing a large research project are encouraged to complete Part C of the BBiotech(Hons) course list. In order to enrol in Part C, a student must have completed all Part A requirements with a minimum GPA of 4.0 and have completed 12 units of late year courses with a minimum GPA of 4.5 for the best 8 of these 12 units.

Students who are interested in continuing coursework in science or business related areas and a small research project have the option to complete Part B.

Option for Part B:

Year 4
Semester Required for Major Electives
1 RBUS6911 Commerce Honours Seminar
BIOT4070 Biotechnology Research Project
Choose 2 units from Part A
2 BIOT4002 Literature Review
BIOT4020 Biotechnology Project A
Choose 4 units from Part A

Option for Part C:

Year 4
Semester Course Code & Title Requirement
1 RBUS6911 Commerce Honours Seminar

BIOT6121/BIOT6122/BIOT6123 Research Project in Biotechnology1
2 BIOT6121/BIOT6122/BIOT6123 Research Project in Biotechnology1 Compulsory

1. Student are required to enrol in this course in Semester 1&2 for completion. The enrol code for students who commenced in Semester 1 will be BIOT6121 for both semesters. The enrol code for the student who commenced in Semester 2 will be BIOT6122. For more information about honours, please go here.