Single Majors and Minors

Majors are areas of specialisation within the BMath that provide you with in-depth knowledge of an area in mathematics. Through completing a particular sequence of #16 of courses in Part B, you can choose to complete the requirements for a major. Your major will be printed on your degree certificate. Students enrolled in the BMath can also choose to complete the requirements for a minor to complement their degree. It is not compulsory to complete either a major or a minor in the BMath.

To complete the requirements for the major you must complete the prerequisite courses for each major plus #16 in approved combination listed under the nominated major on Part B of the course list. To meet the requirements for a minor you must complete an approved combination of #8 listed under the nominated minor on Part D of the course list.

You must also meet all the rules of the BMath. See the BMath course list for requirements of all majors.

In the Bachelor of Mathematics students may choose from the following majors: