The Bachelor of Occupational Health & Safety Science (BOHSSc(Hons)) is your gateway to a rewarding and dynamic career as a next generation OHS professional. When you complete the BOHSSc(Hons) you will have access to a variety of employment opportunities across many different industries, including health, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, and mining to name just a few.

Your first year of study will incorporate a strong basis in the foundation sciences, as well as offer the opportunity to meet with OHS professionals and gain insight into their work life.  This insight into your future work life will be provided in the Introduction to OHS course. 

Your subsequent years (2, 3 and 4) will be used as a basis for the study of the core OHS areas such as occupational health, ergonomics, safety science, occupational hygiene, and toxicology. You will also study management, law, ethics, and aspects of the environment. In your fourth year you will undertake a full semester of industry placement, so that on completion of the BOHSSc(Hons), you will be job ready.

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Study Planner Information

What will I study?

The curriculum is based on sound foundations in science, with the first year predominately science courses, but including an introduction to the discipline of occupational health and safety. The subsequent three years of the program focus on specific aspects of occupational health and safety. In the first semester of the final year of the program is a series of industry placements - either with a single industry partner or up to four separate industry partners.

Year 1 to 4 Study Planner

What do the different requirements mean?

  • Compulsory Courses– all students must complete this course
  • Elective Courses- choose an elective from the list
Year 1-Semester 1
BIOL1040 Cells to Organisms Compulsory
CHEM1100 Chemistry 11 Compulsory
OHSS1000 Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety Compulsory
PSYC1020 Introduction to Psychology: Physiological & Cognitive Psychology Compulsory
Year 1-Semester 2
BIOL1020 Genes, Cells & Evolution Compulsory
BIOM1052 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology for Pharmacy Compulsory
CHEM1200 Chemistry 21 Compulsory
LAWS2800 Occupational Health & Safety Law Compulsory
Year 2-Semester 1
BIOC2000 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Compulsory
MGTS1601 Organisational Behaviour Compulsory
OHSS2000 Occupational Health Compulsory
STAT1201 Analysis of Scientific Data Compulsory
Year 2-Semester 2
ANAT1005 Anatomical Basis of Human Movement Compulsory
CHEM2052 Chemical Biology Compulsory
OHSS3004 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Compulsory
PHYS1171 Physical Basis of Biological Systems Compulsory
Year 3-Semester 1
OHSS2001 Occupational Safety Science Compulsory
OHSS3000 Occupational Hygiene and Toxicology 1 Compulsory
OHSS3001 Physical Ergonomics Compulsory
PSYC3062 Introduction to Human Factors Compulsory
Year 3-Semester 2
OHSS3002 Risk Management Compulsory
OHSS3003 Occupational Hygiene & Toxicology 2 Compulsory
OHSS4004 Research & Evaluation of Interventions in OHS Compulsory
Elective - see table below Elective


Year 4-Semester 1
OHSS4012 (#4) Industry Placement 1 Compulsory
OHSS4014 (#4) Industry Research Project in Occupational Health and Safety Science Compulsory


Year 4-Semester 2
ENGG4020 Systems Safety Engineering Compulsory
OHSS4000 Professional Practice & Emerging Issues in Occupational Health & Safety Compulsory
Elective - see table below Elective
Elective - see table below Elective

1. Students without Queensland Senior Chemistry should complete CHEM1090 before taking any other chemistry course.

Electives - Available Semester 1

ENVM3203 Tools for Environmental Assessment and Analysis
MGTS2604 Introduction to Human Resource Management

Electives - Available Semester 2

ENVM3203 Tools for Environmental Assessment and Analysis
MGTS2604 Introduction to Human Resource Management
MGTS2607 Employment Relations
MGTS3602 Managing Workplace Conflict
MINE4121 Mine Management
PUBH2004 Understanding Health Behaviours


Careers in Occupational Health & Safety Science

OHS offers a guaranteed varied, dynamic and highly-paid career.

Graduates of UQ Science's Bachelor of Occupational Health & Safety Science (BOHSSc) are highly qualified professionals who are in demand with a wealth of job opportunities both locally and internationally.  There is a current and future shortage of qualified OHS professionals, particularly those with an undergraduate degree that incoporates a sound background in science.  Students will be highly likely to secure a lucrative job directly after graduation.

For further information please visit the Bachelor of Occupational Health & Safety Science website.