The Bachelor of Applied Science has been replaced in 2016 with four programs:

Students who are already enrolled in the BAppSc may have the option of transferring into one of the new programs. Students who choose to continue in the BAppSc may need to seek course selection advice from the Faculty of Science, as some courses are no longer offered. Please contact the Faculty of Science to seek advice on replacement courses. 

The Bachelor of Applied Science is a versatile degree that provides students with the optimal balance between a defined sequence of study and flexible course options. This innovative program has been designed to develop graduates with the key practical skills in a chosen discipline plus interdisciplinary knowledge required to address today's global challenges.

Program rules and requirements

The courses offered in the Bachelor of Applied Science (2015) are set out in the course list. Each course is allocated a certain number of units (#). A standard full-time study load is 8 units per semester.

The Program Rules explain what is required to complete the Bachelor of Applied Science (2015). These requirements include the total number of units you need to complete in order to graduate.

To have your degree conferred, you also need to comply with the University Policies and Procedures.

If you require assistance at any time please contact the Faculty of Science at or phone 3365 1888 (St Lucia) or 5460 1276 (Gatton).