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What will I study

To establish core understanding of this field, you will examine the foundational disciplines of public health including: epidemiology, biostatistics, health systems, environmental health and social sciences.

Courses include:

  • Major Diseases and their Control – a snapshot of the major non-communicable - diseases affecting the human population.
  • Environmental Health – biological, chemical and physical hazards, and how to assess and control the risks they pose.
  • Global Health and Infectious Disease – a broad introduction to major global health problems with an emphasis on infectious disease in resource poor countries.
  • Understanding Health Behaviours – an overview of behavioural risk factors for major chronic diseases at a population level.
  • Health Services Planning and Evaluation – how do we assess health need and develop health services that will address those needs
  • Nutrition in the Lifespan – nutritional and dietary requirements of humans for different periods of their lifespan and for specific physiological states.
  • Health Systems and Policy – provides a critical examination of the major health challenges facing our health system and the policy responses aiming to address those challenges.
  • Legal and Ethical Principles in Health – contemporary issues and approaches in law & ethics for health professionals.
  • Influencing Health Behaviours – an overview of an evidence-based approach to the development, implementation and evaluation of health behaviour interventions.

Year 1 Study Planner

What do the different requirements mean?

  • Compulsory for program – all students must complete this course
  • Prerequisite for major – course required for this major
  • Recommended – other science course which complements the major, but can be substituted for an elective
  • Elective - choose a Level 1 course that interests you


Year 1-Semester 1
Course Code & Title Requirements
PUBH1103 Health Systems & Policy Prerequisite for major
SCIE1000 Theory & Practice in Science Recommended
Select a course from the elective course Elective
Select a course from the elective course Elective


 Year 1-Semester 2
Course Code & Title Requirements
PUBH1102 Introduction to Public Health Prerequisite for major
STAT1201 Analysis of Scientific Data Compulsory for program
Select a course from the elective course Elective
Select a course from the elective course Elective

Year 2 to 3 Study Planner

Public Health is available as a Single Major. You are required to complete #14 (#6 at Level 2 and #8 at Level 3) from the Public Health course list. The following are suggested study plans for this major and should be used as a guide to planning your program. Please refer to the course list to ensure you complete the major requirements.

What do the different columns mean?

  • Sem - Semester
  • Compulsory courses – compulsory for the major.
  • Key courses – electives from the major's course list.
  • Recommended courses – complements the major.
Year 2
Sem Compulsory Courses
Complete all courses
Key Courses Recommended Courses

PUBH2008 Major Diseases & their Control


Choose courses from the BSc course list


NUTR2003 Nutrition in the Lifespan

PUBH2004 Understanding Health Behaviours


Choose courses from the BSc course list

Year 3
Sem Compulsory Courses
Complete all courses
Key Courses
Choose at least #8 from:
Recommended Courses


HLTH3000 Legal & Ethical Principles in Health

PUBH3002 Health Policy in Practice

PUBH3005 Influencing Health Behaviours

PUBH3009 Environmental Health


2 -

PUBH3001 Health Services Planning and Evaluation

PUBH3010 Global Health & Infectious Disease

HLTH3007 Research Project



Public health is an excellent choice if you are keen to pursue a clinical career in areas like medicine or allied health. It gives future clinicians a broad understanding of health and disease and allows you to consider the systems in which you will work. 

A public health major can also lead you to a career in:

  • public health; 
  • working with government; and 
  • non-profit or private health based organisations. 

The major also provides an excellent pathway into the Masters of Public Health or you can pursue public health research via honours and postdoctoral research.



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