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What will I study?

Animal and Veterinary Bioscience combines fundamental biological disciplines such as chemistry, biochemistry, biostatistics and microbiology with courses that examine animals from the molecular scale through to whole animal populations.

You will acquire a sound biological training to form the basis for on-going research training, application to industry or related sectors, or professional program progression such as veterinary science.

Pathway to Veterinary Science

This major is an ideal pathway for students aiming to improve their entry rank for admission to the Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours). Some credit towards the BVSc(Hons) may be available based on courses completed in the BSc.

Animal and Veterinary Bioscience is available as single or extended major.

Year 1 Study Planner

What do the different requirements mean?

  • Compulsory for program – all students must complete this course
  • Prerequisite for major – course required for this major
  • Recommended – other science course which complements the major, but can be substituted for an elective
  • Elective - choose a Level 1 course that interests you


Year 1-Semester 1
Course Code & Title Requirements
VETS1060 Animal and Veterinary Biology Prerequisite for major
CHEM1100 Chemistry 11 Prerequisite for major
AGRC1021 Applied Plant Biology Recommended
AGRC1040 Food For a Healthy Planet Recommended

1. Students without Queensland Senior Chemistry should complete CHEM1004 (Semester 2 Gatton) or CHEM1090 (Semester 1 St Lucia) before taking CHEM1100.

 Year 1-Semester 2
Course Code & Title Requirements
STAT1201 Analysis of Scientific Data Compulsory for program
AGRC1041 Cell and Tissue Biology for Agriculture and Veterinary Science Prerequisite for major
#4 From: 

AGRC1031 Australia's Bio-Physical Environment AND/OR

ANIM1018 Livestock Industries AND/OR

VETS1030 One Health: Animals, the Environment and Human Disease

Year 2 to 3 Study Planner

The following are suggested study plans for this major and should be used as a guide to planning your program. Please refer to the course list to ensure you complete the major requirements.

What do the different columns mean?

  • Sem - Semester
  • Compulsory courses – compulsory for the major.
  • Key courses – electives from the major's course list.
  • Recommended courses – complements the major.
Year 2
Sem Compulsory Courses
Complete all courses
Key Courses Recommended Courses

AGRC2001 Agricultural Biochemisty

VETS2031 Comparative Structure and Function for Animal Biosciences


ANIM2053 Animal Nutrition

VETS2001 Animal Health Technology

VETS2033 Laboratory Animal Science

Choose courses from the BSc course list

2 AGRC2045 Molecular and Quantitative Genetics -

AGRC2013 Agricultural Microbiology & Gene Technology

AGRC2040 Agroecology

ANIM2021 Animal Environmental Physiology

VETS2032 Animal Pathogens and Immunity

Year 3
Sem Compulsory Courses
Complete all courses
Key Courses
Choose at least #4 from:
Recommended Courses

ANIM3019 Animal Reproduction

AGRC3042 Animal and Plant Biosecurity

VETS3042 Ecological and Disease Genetics

AGRC3036 Precision Plant and Animal Management

LAND3007 Land Use & Management

VETS3017 Animal Therapeutics1

Choose courses from the BSc course list

2 -

ANIM3018 Wildlife Technologies

ANIM3061 Animal Nutrigenomics and Metabolism

ANIM3062 Emerging Issues in Animal Bioscience

ANIM3063 Animal Welfare & Ethics

VETS3040 Mechanisms of Animal Disease

VETS3041 Stem Cells, Clones & Genetically Modified Organisms

ANIM3060 Animals in a Changing Environment

1. VETS3017 is restricted to BVetTech students.  However, BSc students can email the Faculty of Science to request permission to include within their program.



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