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Do you have the passion and drive to address the world's environmental challenges? To do so you will need a range of scientific skills and knowledge and an understanding of legal, political and social aspects of environmental management. Through the Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours) you will address these topics and develop skills in systems analysis and planning. Natural resource science focuses on the various components of the landscape (soils, water and vegetation) and on correcting the adverse effects of human use of this resource. You will study fundamental environmental processes, the way they can be described, monitored and predicted, and the effect of human impact on the physical and biological environment. As an environmental science graduate you will be equipped to contribute rigorous analyses to environmental decision making and management to address global environmental challenges.

1st to 4th Year Study Planners

What do the different requirements mean?

  • Compulsory Courses– all students must complete this course
  • Elective - choose an elective from the list
Year 1
Sem Compulsory Courses Elective
1 [BIOL1020 Genes, Cells & Evolution
PHYS1171 Physical Basis of Biological Systems
SCIE1000 Theory & Practice in Science]

BIOL1030 Global Challenges in Biology

CHEM1100 Chemistry 11

ERTH1000 Planet Earth: The Big Picture
2 GEOS1100 Environment & Society

STAT1201 Analysis of Scientific Data
Choose #4 courses from this major's electives list.
Year 2
Sem Compulsory Courses Elective
1 BIOL2006 Biostatistics

BIOL2010 Ecology

[GEOM2000 Introduction to Remote Sensing of Environment
GEOM2001 Geographical Information Systems]

LAND2003 The Soil Environment

BIOL2015 Ecology Field Studies (OR BIOL3204 in Year 3 semester 2)2
2 BIOL2203 Plant Biology Choose  #6 courses from this major's electives list.


Year 3
Sem Compulsory Courses Elective
1 ENVM3103 Reg F/works for Envl Mmgt & Planning

LAND3005 Soil Plant Relationships

LAND3007 Land Use & Management

ENVM3203 Tools for Env. Assessment & Analysis


2 LAND3006 Soils, Landscapes & Environments

BIOL3204 Plant Adaptation and Global Change (OR
BIOL2015 in Year 2 semester 1)2
Choose #4 courses from this major's electives list.

1. Students without Queensland Senior Chemistry should complete CHEM1090 before taking any other chemistry course.

2. Students must complete at least one of BIOL2015 (in year 2 semester 1) or BIOL3204 (in year 3 semester 2). Please note that BIOL2015 is a field trip that takes place between Semester 1 and Semester 2, although students register for the course in Semester 1.

Year 4
Sem Course Code & Title Requirement

ENVM4008 Science & Environment

ENVM4321/ENVM4322/ENVM4323 Environmental Science Project3

2 ENVM4321/ENVM4322/ENVM4323 Environmental Science Project3 Compulsory

3. Students are required to enrol in this course in both Semester 1 & 2 for completion. Students commencing in Semester 1 enrol in ENVM4321 for both semesters.  Students commencing in Semester 2 enrol in ENVM4322 for both semesters.  For more information about honours, please go here.

Careers in Natural Resource Science

Graduates will find employment in a wide variety of state and federal departments and agencies, including CSIRO and the Environmental Protection Agency, in private industry as environmental officers, or in the expanding areas of mine site rehabilitation and environmental impact assessment. Some example of careers are: -

  • Environmental Scientist 
  • Land Rehabilitation Officer (mining) 
  • Rangeland Ecologist 
  • Resource Assessment Officer 
  • Waste management Specialist
  • River Management Planner



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